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Start your day off on a positive note!

Every morning I lay in my bed for a few minutes before getting up. Sometimes I meditate and sometimes I stare out the window - secretly hoping summer arrived over night. But one thing I do daily is start my day off with a positive idea, note, thought or crazy dance!

A life tip - it is important to start your day off well. Some people leave themselves a note by their bed - reminding themselves to be positive, others meditate on something positive and others get up, crank the music and dance...I know from personal experience that dancing first thing in the morning is one of the very best ways to start the day on a positive note!

My husband starts his morning with coffee and reading the few comics he appreciates online. They are daily little pieces of humour that makes the first bit of his morning great! So I have noted that beginning your day with positive news and comics instead of the media attention grabbers of death, destruction and disaster - is a great idea!

I have friends that walk their dog first thing in the morning as it gets them out into nature, gives them a breath of fresh air, and they get to spend time with each other as well as their favourite pals. This can't be a bad thing!

So many ways to start your day out kind to yourself and others...karma baby! Look around, be grateful.

There should never be a wrong side of the bed to get out of! Start your day off right, be amazing!

What did you do this morning to start your day on a positive note?


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