struggling students

literacy support/Academic support/ motivation/self-confidence/Resume & Interview Skills/ bullying issues/family, school, life pressures/communication/goal setting/juggling sports and school or Arts and school



     There are so many pressures in the academic world.When we struggle in one area, sometimes we feel like we can't make it in any area. 


     Teaching and counselling in both the public and private sector have allowed me to not only grow as a person, but share that growth, knowledge and experience with others. I have spent many years working with learners of all abilities, in multiple areas such as literacy improvement, numeracy improvement, special needs populations and many others. I can help with school anxiety, test anxiety, literacy,and any other learning issues that you may have. I have experience with anxiety, learning disabilities, autism spectrum, motivation issues, gender issues, attendance issues, behaviour issues, juggling sports and school, and all areas of youth mental health. 


     Together we will  discover your path and begin your journey.  There is always another way!